Based in Colchester with a network of OH nurse consultants who are available nationwide we can provide consultations onsite or at our clinic in Colchester.

We respond to initial enquiries, by either arranging a meeting with our Managing Director or we can provide a ‘needs analysis’ from information you provide us, regarding your process and employees. This will allow us to present you with a service quotation for your legislative responsibilities or wants. There is a fee for the ‘needs analysis’ but this can be combined with an onsite service day as an assessment of how well our business and yours can proactively work together.
Occupational health physicians are sourced as needed and are an additional cost to quoted core services.

If you have an individual case, causing concern, we would conduct an initial telephone consultation with your employee. In today’s business environment this has proved to be a cost effective means to establish whether a face-to-face consultation is required and often the telephone consultation is sufficient to allow us to provide actionable advice.